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If you see a majority of animated characters, you're in the clear.

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If you only see blank symbols, then your device can't understand emoji. If your device cannot display emoji characters, don't worry. You have the option to download apps that support emoji, such as WhatsApp.

Disney Emoji Keyboard for iOS & Android - Download Emoji

Screenshot from Nexus 5 Vishal Egbert. On most devices running Android 4. Now, when you use the Android keyboard, you can press the spacebar and select "Emoji input method. On Android 4. With this add-on, you can use emoji in all text fields of your phone — even those in social media apps. Keep in mind that emoji will only appear when you type in keywords in a default Android keyboard, or by installing Google Keyboard.

Download Emoji Keyboard for Android - Best Software & Apps

In addition to customization of themes, Kika Keyboard - Emoji Keyboard allows you to change the font of the text that you use in your Android, in this case there is no need for any downloads, the sound that the keys produce, and, of course, an emoji keyboard. The Emoji keyboard, which can be accessed with the face button, is the star of the Kika Keyboard - Emoji Keyboard and can rival the native iOS keyboard.

The Emoji keyboard is used so that you can add emoticons to your conversations on social networks , messaging apps or email clients without having to use the apps in question or using complicated command, like in Facebook. The variety of options offered is remarkable, and doesn't include just the typical emojis emoticons, diagrams, several characters, drawings of food or everyday situations Simple menus, fluid keyboard.

Kika Keyboard - Emoji Keyboard has a very simple configuration , guided by a micro tutorial that begins when the app is downloaded for the first time. In three simple steps you've configured the basics to use your new custom keyboard. From here the app is moved in two dimensions: The app itself is easy to navigate, with clear and very intuitive menus. It is so complete that it does not make you access default menus in your mobile, because it can manage the keyboard languages and more by itself. Regarding the keyboard itself, and without even adding any theme, its use is very fluid, even more than the native Android keyboard.

It has also changed the position of some keys , which is weird at first but when you get used to it, it is not troublesome. Moreover, this reformulation is a plus in some cases, especially of the space bar, much bigger with Kika Keyboard - Emoji Keyboard than with the normal Android keyboard.

download emoji keyboard free (android)

Kika Keyboard - Emoji Keyboard also supports the same languages that Android does and an autocorrection and excellent word suggestion system. The only problem I've encountered in Kika Keyboard - Emoji Keyboard is that it can run slowly on some older phones. The funny thing is that this only happens in the menus and selection of emojis. They typing, however, is fluid in all cases. Emojis not only allow you to have fun while using it but also help you to convey your feelings to the opposite person and make the conversation more interactive.

There are many different emojis and stickers available on Android and much more are frequently added. Here are some different Emoji apps for Android which will cater to all your needs and make the conversation interesting.

1. Emojidom emoticons for texting

This app brings in so many emoji choices for you that you will fall in love with it. As the name suggests, it can be called as a kingdom of smileys as it has a large collection of emojis which can be used while texting or in sending e-mails. This app will surely kick out the boredom which you have been feeling while texting. There are over free emojis which can be used on social network apps. This app also supports emojis for android text messaging. The number of emojis are the highest available which can be used every time differently for different purposes. With so many emojis to choose from, there is an emoji for every occasion.

There are over popular themes which include Christmas, Chinese New year, Valentine day, Halloween, etc. There is everything for everyone as the collection includes celebrities and superhero stickers.

7 Best Emoji Apps for Android Users ( Free Download )

And they support almost all smartphone models. Download the App 2. Kika Emoji Keyboard This is the best-ranked emoji keyboard on the Play Store as the user experience is very smooth and it provides lots of different emojis to choose from. You can select and share a wide range of emojis, stickers and GIFs on the social network.

This app makes the conversation interesting by using different emojis and stickers available in it. There are also many new emojis for text messaging added in this app like a middle finger, unicorn, taco, etc. It also gives the option of customizing a keyboard with fonts, sounds and a photo keyboard with photos of your choice. Download the App 3. It uses Artificial Intelligence that automatically learns your writing style including the emoji you use, the words you use frequently and how you like to type. As it adapts to you and your writing style, Autocorrect and predictive text actually works for you.

There are tons of emojis which you can use for every occasion.